Next gig:

24. May 08 - 30.05.08 - Torgau, Brückenkopf - Total Oi! Festival


19. May 2008 - Help the Towerblocks!
The Towerblocks are currently searching for incredibly good-looking people... obviously - they can't offer that by themselves! Since The Ruckers are out of town on this date we ask everybody who's gonna be in Berlin next Saturday to read the following:

Videoshoot "No English Men At The Bars"
Saturday, 24th May - head to Berlin-Hoppegarten to act a part in the Tower Blocks' new video "No English Men at the Bars" and gain fame and glory in the Warsaw Pact and further!
You're a Punkrocker, Skinhead or Psychobilly? You enjoy drinking, attending football matches and concerts? Or you are just incredibly good-looking and sure, that a videoclip without you had no charm at all? Then be a part of it and become a world idol with us!
There'll be definitely one barrel of draught Berliner Pilsner for free. After that you're free to continue drinking at 1 Euro/0,5 litres to make sure you'll really look good in the end! Meeting point is S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz, 14:00 h at the platform for the S5 direction Hoppegarten. Lindow, our guitar player, will be awaiting you there. The scenes are expected to be shot at 20:00 h and at Amnesie will be an after-party including a live show.
We are happy about everyone supporting us there! If there are any requests feel free to ask. Further information and changes will be posted at and myspace.

12. May 2008 - Bus trip to Bremen
People from Berlin will have the opportunity to take a bus trip to our concert in Bremen with Eastside Boys and Stomper 98 Hailing from somewhere out of the Puke Empire the following offer reached us:
Bustrip incl. concert ticket at the price of 40 Euros, if there will be at least 40 persons it's just 35 Euros. You can sign up at or in the store, Samariterstr. 34 a in Berlin Friedrichshain.

31. March 2008 - Thanks to Cottbus, presales for Kato started
First of all thanks to all who attented the show at Muggefug Cottbus. As sad as the cause was - it felt good to see so many people supporting the event and Micha's bereaved.
Last weekend the presales for the show at Kato started. Who doesn't want to miss Evil Conduct, Superyob, Fightball and ourselves should save his ticket already. They are available in Friedrichshain at Puke Music (Samariterstr. 34a), the Get A Life Shop (Proskauer Str. 8a) and at Subdepot (Scharnweberstr. 13) as well as in Kreuzberg at KoKa 36 (Oranienstr. 29) and Coretex (Oranienstr. 3). See you soon!

24. March 2008 - Solidarity-Gig for Micha, Nazi assault in Cottbus

We are sad and shocked. It is still hard for us, to find the right words - not enough that Micha is not with us anymore, there was still more to happen. The following lines reached us in a myspace-bulletin:

"The Cottbus scene is shocked. Michael Welzel (25 years, see picture) was killed in a tragic accident on Tueseday morning. The sympathic shop manager and active concert organizer, who once wanted to become Cottbus' mayor and was active in local politics, fell into a building pit at Carl-Blechen-Carré.
But even worse: On Tueseday night right wing extremists assaulted his memorial ceremony at the local bar Marie 23. Around 50 friends and acquaintances of the notorious Michael Welzel assembled in the evening at his favourite bar, Marie 23, to remember the young man. Between the mourners were also the parents of the deceased. Around 9 pm there was the sound of a crash, windows bursted, guests escaped to the backyard. 20 to 30 partly disguised men, who obviously can be allocated to the local Hooligan and neo-Nazi scene, assaulted the Bar at Cottbus' Marienstrasse with stones and bottles. The bar personnel could lock the doors in time and averted the worse. Guests and employees of Marie 23 are certain about the fact, that the assault is connected to the memorial ceremony. Micha always openly expressed his opinion against right wing extremism. The bar's owner Ulli is stunned: "This was a meeting of proper people. You simply don't do things like that." He also believes that the assault was planned.
The police was on the spot quickly. According to police spokesman Berndt Fleischer the guests of the bar were "uncooperative". They are contrary to that - allegedly they even handed licence plate information to the police.
According to the police no one was injured in the assault. According to Fleischer the police is investigating on violation of the public peace."
(Translation by Markus)

According to Indymedia there also happened an assault on Micha's shop in the night of last Thursday.

We would be grateful for a large attendance of the concert this Friday. Wheter you knew Micha or not - if you want to show solidarity show up. Any display of compassion and support is needed now. The profit of the concert will be donated to Micha's family.

Please distribute this news by any possible way. Thank you.

04. March 2008 - Purchase advice, merchandising and concerts
Although it was already two weeks ago - touring with Hateful was a blast! Thanks to our Scottish friends, the local promoters, the audience, the merch-customers and all the supporters - be it for offering us a place to sleep or lending us stuff we needed... hope to see you soon again!
We also feel for an extraordinary must-buy-information on the latest issue of Moloko Plus
- it contains an interview with us. For all the nosy ones: there's also an interview with Jens' second "drumfield", the Eastside Boys, as well as a short special about him and all he's doing. So, go get it in your local store or order it!
Talking about ordering - available at Contra is our logo-T-shirt in various colours, from discreet black to blazing red, in all sizes and on request surely also as a girlie-tee (also in women's sizes). There you'll also find our CD and vinyl - just search for "Ruckers". For all the foreign custumers: they accept PayPal, just drop them an E-mail at
And - finally - there's a couple of updates in our Concerts-section. On this note: See you soon!

13. Februar 2008 - It starts tomorrow!
Tomorrow's the big day - the first out of four Gigs with Hateful (Glasgow/Scotland) will take place at KvU, Berlin! The sound of the Scots can be conveniently checked out at their Myspace Site. It's gonna be worth the ticket anyways - believe us, we already had the joy of sharing the stage with Hateful last year in Torgau..

18. December 2007 - We thank you
It's really about time to give some thanks for the great reaction on our record: to our friends - be they real-life or virtual, to the buyers, who already started ordering from abroad at Contra and to the fanzines - be they printed or online, whose reviews we still collect. One little thing we are asking you: Please send us an E-mail if you wrote or discovered a review on our record. We are really collecting every bit!

03. December 2007
- Review and a change on the bass guitar

We finally stumbled over the first review on our new album! You can read it at Crazy United Onlinezine (German only), and step by step we will put up translated reviews to our press section.
The 15th of December in Leipzig will sadly be the last concert of our bass player Adi - being part of the working class hit him to hard. Dresden, 31st of December, will be the first chance to see our new bass player on stage, whose face is not at all an unkown sight on German punkrock-stages and who'll be announced and introduced here shortly..

21. November 2007
The vinyl is available since Friday at Contra! There are 500 pieces, divided in coloured and black. It comes in good thick 150grams-vinyl in a gatefold cover and the little extra for the vinyl-freaks is the exclusive Ruckers/Contra-beer coaster. So order it now!

12. November 2007
We've put new dates up to the concert-section. Sadly we had to accept that the local promoter for Hamburg (21.Dec) had to cancel the gig.
The vinyl version of our album "To The Lads And Ladies" will be available from Friday, 16. November, at Contra - in a nice gatefold-cover on 150 g vinyl, 222 pieces coloured and 278 pieces in black. It's strictly limited, so get it quick!

19. October 2007
We also updated the design of our Myspace-Site. Then you can order our CD in the Contra-webshop. And in the music-section of our homepage there's four songs of our new album as well as "Power And Glory" off our 2006-demo-CD, which was never issued on CD or vinyl.

17. October 2007
Since today we finally have our new homepage online - reachable under our new address and finally also in English. And that's not all - our first album hits the market today! 15 Songs are available on CD for now, vinyl is going to follow up in a few weeks. The album called "To The Lads And Ladies" was released by Contra Records and is available from there as well as from us at concerts. It really was about time...
The homepage is still under construction, more and more contents will come up in the next days. The most important things - like news and concerts - are of course already online. See you soon at a concert or down the bar!